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The procedure for resolving disputes or complaints

Any dispute between users or between users with JOBEXPRESS is resolved on the basis of negotiation. Please perform the following steps to resolve any complaints:

  • Step 1: Any complaints related services must be sent to Customer Support Department via email
  • Step 2: We will receive feedback and proactively resolve them quickly based on published policies.
  • Step 3: JOBEXPRESS will consider reasonable requests to resolve the dispute through the dispute resolution procedures instead, such as arbitration, the alternative to litigation. Where no agreement is reached as expected, either party may bring the case to the People's Court has jurisdiction to resolve.

Submit a complaint at:


Address: No.123/133, Room No.(7A), 7th Floor, Corner of Pansodan Road & Anawratha Road, Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar

Tel: 0977702387


JOBEXPRESS respects and strictly implements the provisions of the law on the protection of job seekers' rights. Therefore, when posting jobs on the website, the members please provide complete, accurate, honest and detailed information on relevant information. All frauds are condemned and must be fully responsible before the law.

The parties include Jobseekers, Employers will be responsible for solving the problem. For employers, it is the responsibility of providing documents to certify information regarding the incident that is causing conflicts with job seekers. For JOBEXPRESS, it will be responsible for providing information regarding job seekers and employers if requested by either party.

After the Jobseeker and the Employer have resolved the dispute, it is the responsibility of notifying to JOBEXPRESS management. In case of inconsistency, the error belongs to the Employer, JOBEXPRESS will warn, lock the account or transfer to the competent law authority depending on the extent of the violation. JOBEXPRESS will terminate and remove all job postings of Employers on JOBEXPRESS website.

If the negotiation cannot resolve the conflict that arises between the two job seekers and employers, one of the parties will ask the competent legal authority to ensure the legitimate benefits of the parties.