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Job type: Full-Time

Record the daily attendance for all staff. Record and Report Monthly Leave balance. Reviewing resumes and arrange Recruitment process. SSB contribution and monthly meter bill payment. Manage employee ID cards and visiting cards for new employees. Handle the petty cash and office supply. Prepare purchase and payment request forms ...

Job type: Part-Time

Job Description 1. ဝန်ထမ်းရှာဖွေ ခန့်ထားခြင်း လုပ်ငန်းစဥ်များ တာဝန်ယူဆောင်ရွက်ရမည်။ 2. ဝန်ထမ်းရေးရာ လုပ်ငန်းစဥ်များ နှင့် ဝန်ထမ်းများ၏ လစာနှင့် ခံစားခွင့်ဆိုင်ရာများ တွက်ချက်ခြင်း ၊ ရေးဆွဲခြင်း နှင့် တာဝန်ယူလုပ်ကိုင်ခြင်းများဆောင်ရွက်ရမည်။ 3. ဝန်ထမ်းများအား လုပ်ငန်းခွင်မိတ်ဆက်သင်တန်းပေးခြင်း နှင့် ပြင်ပမှ သင်တန်းပေးခြင်း အစီအစဥ်များ စီစဥ်ဆ...

Job type: Full-Time

Map out annual training plans for management, HR, customer support and more design and develop training plan based on the training modules available. Select appropriate training methds or activities Market available training to employees and provide necessary information about sessions Conduct organization-wide training needs assessment ...

Job type: Full-Time

Supervise of employee database updating, attendance, overtime calculation, leave record and payroll processing. Perform attendance, salary calculation by accurately, overtime wages . Prepare the employee’s resignation, termination and dismissing process within legal boundaries. Measure performance appraisal and key performance indicato...

Job type: Full-Time


Job type: Full-Time

Position Summary: As a team member of Corporate HR Team, he/she need to administer routine functions of the Human Resources (HR) department including hiring and interviewing staff, administering pay, benefits, and leave, and enforcing company policies and practices.   Core responsibilities: Maintains all Human Resources Policies ...

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